Info for group leaders

Planning your visit

We can help you with planning your programme and getting your event set up. Please contact us and an early stage to discuss costs, availability and your plans. We’ll do everything we can to help.

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Centre Ministries Admissions Policy

Castlewellan Castle is part of Centre Minstries. Find out more about our Admissions Policy.


After checking availability and making a provisional booking with the centre manager, please complete the booking form and send it to us along with your deposit.

Bedroom Fire Plan

As a residential centre we are required by the Fire Service to hold an accurate bedroom plan for all resident guests. Please complete the plan and email to the Centre Manager before your arrival. Any changes to this plan occurring before or during the group residency should be notified to the manager immediately they occur.

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Dietary Requirements

Please let us know about all guests with special dietary needs: allergens and how severe they are, vegetarian /vegan, diabetic etc… at least two weeks before your visit. We will make every effort to accommodate special dietary requirements but please advise your group that we cannot guarantee foods will be completely allergen free as all foods are prepared in the same kitchen environment with shared equipment and utensils.

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Assigning bedrooms

It is important to contact the manager (John Nixon) on 028 4377 8733 or by e-mail to, to discuss bedroom allocation suitable for the needs of your group.

Disabled facilities

The Castle has two wheelchair accessible bedrooms, one of which is suitable for an electronic wheelchair. These bedrooms are situated on the first level of the Castle and can be accessed via the upper-courtyard where disabled parking is available. They are on the same level as the largest conference facility and all dining rooms.

Bedroom floor plan PDFs

Programme ideas


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Need to know

CCLI Licence

Centre Ministries does not licence its own premises under CCLI. Any group using reproduced music in any format must hold their own CCLI licence.

Arrival / Departure

  • Arrival – Friday for a weekend residential: 6.00pm
    – other days: 4.00pm
  • Departure – Sunday after a weekend residential: 3.30pm
    – other days: 10.00am

If you wish to change these times in order to accommodate your programme you must make arrangements with the manager.

Deaf guards

The Castle has one deaf guard available for use by single occupancy guests who might require it.

Hired Bedlinen sets / towels

Guests should bring bring either two sheets or a sleeping bag along with a pillowcase, towels and toiletries. However, it is possible to hire bedlinen sets (£4 per bed) and towels (£1 each). Please contact the manager well in advance of your groups visit to advise him of any linen hire that is required.

First Aid

Each group is responsible for its own first aid. You must nominate someone within your group, with suitable qualifications, to be responsible for first aid and you must bring a first aid kit. A defibrillator is located in The Castle opposite the main kitchen.


All groups working with children, young people or adults with care and support needs must have a Safeguarding Policy, and we may ask you to supply us with a copy. Irrespective of group profile, it is your responsibility as group leader to advise the Centre Manager of the prospective presence of anyone in your group with safeguarding restrictions.