In line with Government and Senior Health Official advice the Castle had to close at the end of March 2020. Castlewellan Castle is a space where people come together to share and to grow, and it was with great regret that we had to take this step.

We are grateful to God that each of our staff has been protected throughout, and there seems to be positive signs in relation to control of the COVID virus nationally. The situation is constantly under review by the Government and changes to lockdown are happening almost every day.

The changes in early July allow our centres to offer some of the activities previously enjoyed, and we have sought to branch into new areas to ensure our sites are as fully utilised as possible. We hope, with the passage of time and revised procedures, that we will soon be able to return to offering our full residential and conferencing package.

Staff are already engaged in the work required to make our sites COVID-safe, and that will expand as further areas of activity are reactivated.

We want to thank all the groups and individuals who have made donations towards our ministry over the past few months. Apart from the very obvious financial lifeline, each one has been a huge encouragement as we wait to be allowed to resume our normal activities.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you soon!