Due to the recent and impending retirement of a number of staff, we have a number of vacancies
on our team at the Castle. Historically we have operated with quite a small team, with a large
degree of support across the departments. As a result, we are flexible in our aims to fill the
emerging vacancies – with a mix of full- and part-time appointments, and a willingness to employ
folk with limited experience who want to be trained.

The Castle caters for large groups who have booked in advance, to stay for between 1 and 7 nights.
A single-option menu is planned for the duration of their stay (with obvious alternatives for those
with special dietary requirements). A ‘family service’ method is adopted, where food is tabled in
serving dishes and the group ‘plate up’ themselves. These two factors greatly reduce the stress
levels within the kitchen.
Meal times follow traditional family meal times, so working days will usually finish around 6 pm.
The Castle attracts most of its groups at the weekend, finishing with Sunday lunch. It is anticipated
that the weekend rota would be shared between three caterers, ensuring regular time off. While
groups are in residence, catering staff are supported by casual workers who attend to the dining
rooms and wash-up (under kitchen supervision).
Training, supervision and the opportunity to acquire external qualifications will be available to
suitable candidates. We currently require around 60 hours per week of additional catering
support, so it is envisaged that this would be fitted around candidates.

The housekeeping role at the Castle is quite flexible, and may suit someone who already works
part-time. Because most stays are short in duration, almost all the housekeeping duties are carried
out when the building is empty. At high season (school holidays), these can be short opportunities
to carry out cleaning, but at other times, there may be a number of days free to complete tasks.
The housekeeper is supported in their role by other permanent staff members, as well as casual
staff who attend to housekeeping requirements when guests are in residence. Historically the role
has been fulfilled by one individual, however we would keenly consider employing two people who
could work together.

All roles will attract a salary commensurate with experience and qualifications, pension, life cover,
as well as the opportunity to work in a beautiful building and impact upon thousands of people
each year.

To apply for any of the roles, please send us your CV, along with the details of two people who
would be willing to provide you with a reference (we won’t take up references without advising you
in advance). Your CV should provide a history of employment / study with any gaps explained.
Respond to John Nixon – office@castlewellancastle.org – or by post to:

Castlewellan Castle
The Forest Park
BT31 9BU



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