With a combined sense of excitement and anticipation, we are back!

Over the months of Spring 2021, the buildings are being readied to receive the guests who we have missed so much.  The summer will bring a new set of challenges. but our excellent teams are up for them & we are raring to go!

Due to the local legislation affecting our centres differently, the return to hospitality may look a little different in each location.  The particular uncertainty with regard to dates has impacted on our centre in Northern Ireland, where visiting groups have been less able to plan for summer activities.  In each of our centres, there may be vacancies for group or staycation visits that wouldn’t normally be available.  Please contact the centre directly to ascertain what they are able to deliver for you.

We remain grateful to God for His gracious provision over this time.  Our staff have known protection, healing & comfort; our finances have been sustained beyond anything we could have expected; our groups have remained supportive and are equally keen to renew fellowship with us as soon as they can.

As we move forward, it will be in line with Government guidance, and with a high standard of COVID security.  Please talk to our managers if you have any concerns about the details of your stay.

We want to thank all the groups and individuals who have made donations towards our ministry over the past few months.  Apart from the very obvious financial lifeline, each one has been a huge encouragement as we waited to be allowed to resume our normal activities.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you soon!